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Rogue Rowing (RR) welcomes new members. Below is an explanation of all membership types. Fees for each type can be found here.

Adult Membership -- A yearly RR membership provides access to all club equipment and is needed for anyone who stores a personal boat at the RR boathouse. This membership does not provide access to coached turnouts, but if you plan to attend coached turnouts or race with a masters team, you must be an adult member and be a masters team member also. If you plan to row without a coach, you must be certified to be able to do so. This membership runs February 1 to January 31 and will be prorated for anyone who joins mid-year.

Masters Team Membership  --  A yearly team fee is due to participate in any coached team practice or with an experienced team. This fee is in addition to the club membership being to participate on one of these teams. This membership runs February 1 to  January 31 and will be prorated for anyone who joins mid-year.

Seasonal Membership   --   A 3-month option is available at any time of the year.  This fee includes access to a masters team if the individual chooses.

Student  Membership  --  A monthly membership is available only to students 18 and older. The student must row with a coached practice or without a coach if a certification is on file.

Visitors and Guests  --  RR welcomes guests to row with us. For safety precautions, most individuals will need to row with a coached practice. Contact us to discuss the details and figure out what days/times might work. We request individuals consider a donation in these situations.