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Dues & Fees

A more detailed explanation of all the memberships can be found here. All checks should be made out to "Rogue Rowing"

Credit Card Payment -- Please add 5% if paying by credit card for any RR fee. RR Credit Card Information Form

Adult Membership
$408  -- Yearly fee for February to January. This fee can be prorated for new members that join beyond February.

Masters Team Membership Payment Options
$348  -- Yearly fee for February to January. This fee can be prorated for new members.

Adult Membership & Masters Team Membership
$65 Monthly -- You may choose to combine the monthly fees. Individuals must commit to the entire year and the fee has to be set up as an automated bank payment.

Seasonal Membership
$215 -- Fee provides both an RR membership as well as access to participate on a team for any three-month period.

$60 --  Monthly fee paid for one month of club membership.

We request individuals consider a donation in these situations.

Rack Fees
We allow full-year members to store their personal boat(s) at our boathouse subject to available space. Please contact us to find out if we have space for your boat. Fees are good for a year starting July 1st and will be prorated if you start storage within that first year. They will not be refunded for the year if you decide to take your boat before the year is complete. The following fees are for July 2018-June 2019:
$192 - 1x Outside & Uncovered
$264 - 2x Outside & Uncovered
$216 - 1x Outside Under Shed
$264 - 1x Inside Boathouse
$312 - 2x Inside Boathouse