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What it means to row at Rogue Rowing

Our Mission

The Rogue Rowing Club is a community-based organization that inspires and supports a passion for the sport of rowing. We promote a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment where every athlete can discover the powerful connection between self, boat, teammates and water. We develop competitive and recreational rowers at all levels, embracing fun, teamwork, trust and mutual respect by creatively engaging the talent, time and resources of our membership.

Begin Rowing at Rogue Rowing

Please visit this page to see the variety of opportunities you have to begin rowing at the Rogue Rowing Club.

Rowing Teams

    • Novice adult rowers have the opportunity to form their own team in our Community Rowing program. Individuals who do not come with a group can choose either the Community Rowing program or join our Green Team.
    • Rec/Fitness  rowers focus on rowing for exercise, fun and the joy of being in the outdoors.  They meet 3 times a week (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday) for most of the year.  Members can be annual or seasonal.
    • Junior rowing is for boys and girls in 7th-12th grades.  See our Junior page for more information.
    • Racing Teams
      • Women’s Racing Team (WRT) members are committed to preparing to race in masters competitions.  Focus is on fitness, technical improvements and mental focus are prerequisites join the teams.  WRT meets 3 times a week (Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday).
      • Men’s Racing Team (MRT) members focus on fitness, racing and rowing in group boats.  MRT meets 3 times a week (Tuesday, Friday & Sunday).
    • Certified rowers can check out club boats and row outside of the club turnouts.  They must pass the club certification process and can row the boats designated for their skill level.

Guest Rowing

Guest rowers are welcome when we are able to accommodate another rower.  Contact us to schedule a row or workout.


The Lake and the Dock

We row year-round on Emigrant Lake.  In 2000, the club purchased and continues to maintain a public rowing dock at Emigrant Lake. The dock is located just before the main entrance to the lake. Parking is available in the lot across the street from the boat house. Just off the lake, we own a 3000-sf boathouse with dozens of C2 ergometers, weight machines and sheltered boat storage.